Thursday, 27 June 2013

The Children in Care Council (CICC) is a place where young people in care can have their say on issues that matter to them, and can make sure that they are heard by the people who make decisions.

Got something you want to say?

Birmingham’s Children in Care Council want to hear from you!
The number of children on the council is quite low compared to the number of children that are in care, or leaving care. We try really hard to make sure that we put on events around the City and one big event every summer so that we get to meet lots of children and young people in care. We want to try and cover as many issues that effect children and young people in care and to do that we need to hear what you think!
We have events all year round and we want you to ask your social worker or ring us to find out more! You can also just get in touch and just come and meet us.

What we can’t do.

We can't get involved in very detailed issues so if you want to see your siblings because it’s your sister’s birthday next week we would struggle to help you but we would encourage you to speak to an advocate from the Rights and Participation Service (RAP)
If you think that every child in care should get every chance to see their siblings on their birthday then that’s a broad issue and we will be able to help with this!
Why is it important to get involved?
Because you experience being in care and no one else experiences it the same as you. Children and Young people have RIGHTS and you can’t make sure you have them if you don’t know about them! Work with CICC to help us help YOU!

Rights and Participation service support CICC.

RAP aims to OPTIMISE and EMPOWER children and young people’s involvement in both strategic and local decisions that affect their lives. We challenge and champion children and young people’s rights to ensure that when decisions are made they are involved consulted and listened to.
IF you want to know more about CICC or advocacy (for children in care, care leavers or children subject to child protection plans) please ring.
0121 303 7217

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  1. Anyone who is in care/care leaver from Birmingham
    can get involved! We would love to hear from you.