Wednesday, 3 July 2013

Young People Quotes

Quotes:  from young people in care, and care leavers.

Sarah age 23

I was in care from the age of 9, until I was turned 16. I was moved from Foster placement to foster placement so many times, that by year 9, it was pointless attending any school, as I was moved from Birmingham, to Nottingham, Derby and Stoke on Trent, before ending up in the worst  Children’s Home in Birmingham. By the time I left care, to live in a semi- independent hostel, I had no opportunity to attend school, and the education provided at the home, was useless, and the only punishment that we had for not doing it, was not be allowed out until 3:30 on School days, as there were 6 of us placed there, and only one at school, this didn’t bother us.

When I left care, and tried to get a job, I would go alright until they asked what exams I achieved at School. I had to tell them that that I had not been to school since year 9. They always realised then, that I had been in care, and I never managed to get a job. While I lived at Shaftsbury House, and then there independent placement, I had to attend courses, and managed to get some qualifications. I wanted to be a plumber, and started on a course run by Connexions, but I wasn’t strong enough to do a lot of the jobs required, so had to leave. I have a job as a cleaner now, but I think that being in care has left a stigma. A lot of other kids who were in care with me have had similar experiences, and it definitely leaves its mark on you.

Mark aged 17

I was in care from 5 years old. In that time, I have had about twenty moves, from Foster care to Children’s home, then several Foster Carers, 3 Children’s Homes and secure.  I had God knows how many social workers in that time. I never felt loved, or even cared about. I wasn’t really cared for either.  Every time I got settled, the social workers moved me again, so in the end, I tried to break down every placement before I could settle. I was expected to be a problem child, so I became a problem child. I still feel the same now, and I think it’s what is expected of me. One social worker told me that I would end up in Prison, and I think that I will end up that way if I can’t get a job, or a good college course.

Clare aged 16
While I have some good memories of being in care, I have a lot more bad ones. When I first went into care, I was only young so I didn’t know what was going on. Then social services signed me off at the age of 5, and didn’t get involved again until I was 13. I’ve had 3 social workers in the space of 3 years. Two of my social workers didn’t really help, especially when I was getting bullied by one of my peers in my placement, both before I was pregnant and after. The staff at the placement didn’t help either, apart from two of them.

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