Tuesday, 2 July 2013

what do children and young people say about being in care?

Being in Care has shown me how much my family mean to me.

Birmingham City Council staff have been very helpful and are trying their best to help me!

Being in care is really really fun.

BCC Staff have been very kind and really great, except for my last Social Worker,
who never listened to me!

Social Workers should be nice, positive, get things done, keep you informed and first of all they should introduce themselves to your Parents. 

A good Social Worker makes me feel safe.

A bad Social Worker makes me think oh no why have I got this Social Worker.

Social Workers would be better if they came and saw you more often and didn't change so often.  A Social Worker should be caring, listen to your views, be honest, have good communication skills, respect other people's feelings, and be professional.  When I have a good Social Worker I want to hang around with them and I don't get bored.

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