Thursday, 11 July 2013

So what do children REALLY think?

Saturday at The Vibe

We met with five children on Saturday that came to The Vibe and told us about their experiences in care. All the children were excited and happy to be part of an important discussion and agreed they would like their views shared on our blog for other children, young people, professionals and carers to see.

So what did we ask and what did we hear?

The five children we spoke to felt that their social workers listen to them and involve them in decisions that affect them. 

We asked if they felt social workers found them happy places to live?

All the children were happy now but 3 of the children (siblings) have had five different places to live and really hoped this last place would be for a long time! 

" I like my carer, I get proper food and a choice" 

"I like my home, my carer looks after me"

We asked the children if they liked school and did they try their 'best' and are they supported?

All the children like school, especially sport! 

"I get my spellings right now"

"My school is cool"

We wanted find out what the children did for fun, so do they hobbies and special interests?

The children all had extra clubs and special interest activities and all liked playing on their bikes and scooters. One young woman missed out on school trip because she didn't have a passport, I didn't get sorted and she still doesn't. She felt sad to miss out on a school trip.

We asked if the children felt fit and healthy, we asked them what that means and how they keep healthy. 

All of the children felt healthy and gave lots of examples, one young man could see the difference and talked about feeling healthier now he was with his carer because he is looked after properly.

We asked the children if they attend their care reviews and would they like to?

Only one child said yes but all the children would like to attend or be asked to attend. 

"I don't want to miss school but I want to come"

Most would like it at their carers home, one child said at the social workers office.

We asked if they were happy with the contact arrangements with their families?

Some had regular contact, some didn't but they were not always sure why.

All the children said they could talk to an adult in their life and could names that adult. All the children said they sometimes feel a little left out at times. One young woman said she is sometimes bullied at school because she is in care but her teachers tells the other children off and she is happy with that.

We will be doing more visits and weekend events, please please promote if you ate a social worker. We enjoyed Saturday and all these comments help us understand what other children think and feel.

Please share our blog!!!

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