Thursday, 7 November 2013

Saturday 16th November @l Lighthouse, Birmingham.

Are you aged 11 and over and in Birmingham's care? Any budding drama people out there? 

We would love to invite you to our event at 11am. It's an opportunity to talk to us about the positives in your life, things you might like to change and have some fun using drama. If drama isn't your thing don't worry, you don't need to take part, you could just support the others and meet new people. This event will kick start a potential drama project so if it is your thing get involved as soon as possible and shape it into something you'll enjoy. This is one of several arts based activities we can offer but are keen to do all sorts of different things but we need to hear from you!

Remember to book in!  3037217 You should have received a letter in the post. If you are a social worker reading this, firstly thank you! And secondly please encourage your young people and share our blog with your colleagues.

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